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Studio Hours: Mon - Thurs 10AM-10PM & Fri 10AM-6PM - Closed 1PM-2PM
296 Providence Road, South Grafton, Massachusetts 01560
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Welcome to GraftonTV.org, the web home for Grafton Community Television, providing Public, Government and Education Access Television for Grafton, MA!

Grafton Community Television, Public Access, can be seen on Charter Communications Cable Channel 191 and on Verizon Cable Channel 34, Grafton Government Television, Government Access, can be seen on Charter Communications Cable Channel 192 and on Verizon Cable Channel 33, and Grafton Education Television, Education Access, can be seen on Charter Communications Cable Channel 194 and on Verizon Cable Channel 32. Please visit our Program Descriptions page to find out more about our Public Access programs, or visit our Program Schedules page to find out when a specific program is playing on any of the 3 Access Channels.

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Grafton High Showcase Debuts on Grafton Community Television

A new feature program, GHS Showcase, is now playing on Grafton Community Television's education network. Compiled from video taken by Grafton High School students including members of the TV production class, the first two editions of "Showcase" are available on Charter Channel 194 / Verizon Channel 32. The programs air on Mondays at 8:00 PM, Tuesdays at 3:00 PM, Wednesdays at 6:00 PM, Fridays at 3:00 PM and Sundays at 7:00 PM. GHS Showcase can also be viewed on GCTV's video on demand service. For additional information on GHS Showcase, visit our Press Releases page.


Grafton High Students Visit Community Television Studios

Members of Judy Dadah's Grafton High School Television Production II class recently toured the Grafton Community Television studios. The students, two juniors and four seniors, are part of a new second semester class following on the school's television production and video production classes. Students were selected for the advanced class because of their interest and skill in script writing, producing, writing music, organization, attention to detail, and cinematography. Seniors Noah Arnold, Tanner Manzello, Matt David and Lauren Esper along with Juniors Theresa Romaniec and Jessica Harrington were hosted by GCTV public access coordinator Kris McMullin. During the ninety minute visit the students were shown the various production sets, lights and cameras that GCTV uses to produce its in studio programs for cable access television.


Grafton Community Television Airs New Editions of "Along The Blackstone"

Two new editions of "Along The Blackstone," the Blackstone Valley National Heritage Park's award winning video series, are set to air on Grafton Community Television in April. These mark numbers 73 and 74 in the on-going series of thirty minute features. Hosted by National Parks Service Ranger Chuck Arning, the first of the new episodes discuss documenting climate change through the historical written observations of Henry David Thoreau of Walden Pond fame and feature interviews with Dr. Richard Primack, Professor of Biology at Boston University and Massachusetts DCR Naturalist Kathryn Parent of the Blackstone River and Canal Heritage State Park. "Along The Blackstone, " one of the longest running series on Grafton Community Television, airs on Charter Channel 191 / Verizon Channel 34. For broadcst times, check out our Program Schedules page.


Community Harvest Project Featured on Grafton Minute By Minute

The March edition of "Grafton Minute By Minute" goes inside the Community Harvest Project for an interview with Wayne McAuliffe, CHP Program Manager.The Community Harvest Project continues to expand, with the donation of a 75 acre property in Harvard, MA. CHP is looking to increase the number of Volunteer Leadersfrom 55 to 75, as it is these people that help guide the volunteer planters during the planting and growing season. The March edition also includes a interview with Grafton's Assistant Treasurer Collector Sue Rogers. Sue relates her experience as a Haitian volunteer with the group Missione4. Grafton Minute By Minute is a monthly half hour program showcasing events held throughout the community. The show is hosted by GCTV Lead Access Assistant Bob DeToma and features video footage by Access Assistants Rick Schultze and Bill Robidoux. For showtimes, please check out our Program Schedules page.


Grafton Minute By Minute Interviews State Representative David Muradian

The February edition of "Grafton Minute By Minute" features an interview with newly elected State Representative David Muradian. While Mr. Muradian loves to talk politics, this interview with our new representative strives to provide more of a "get to know you" look at David . In a wide ranging nineteen minute interview, GCTV Host Bob DeToma asks about Muradian's first day on the new job, and what a typical day is like as a state representative. For broadcast times of the February edition of Grafton Minute By Minute, check out our Program Schedules Page.


New Programs on Grafton Community Television

Grafton Community Television debuts eight new programs during the month of February on Charter Channel 191 / Verizon Channel 34 Some of the new programs include; "Today's Air Force", "Eat Well and Be Happy", and "Zombie Hunters". .The broadcast schedule can be found at the Grafton Community Television website www.GraftonTV.org at the "program schedule" link and on the GCTV Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/graftontv.


Grafton Community Television Interviews New Town Staff

The January edition of "Grafton Minute By Minute" features interviews with two new Grafton municipal employees, Host Bob DeToma recently conducted in studio discussions with new Head Assessor Drew Manlove and Conservation Agent Maria Mast. The January edition of Grafton Minute By Minute can be viewed on our GCTV Video On Demand page, and broadcast times can be found on our Program Schedules page.


Grafton Community Television on Charter Cable Debuts New Channel Numbers on October 15th

Grafton Community Television's three TV channels debut new identification numbers starting on October 15th. Charter Communications conversion to an all digital format overnight on October 14th-15th will find Charter Channels 11, 12 and 13 no longer carrying your familiar programs from Grafton Community Television. The new GCTV channels will be: Charter Channel 191 (formerly Charter Channel 11) for Grafton Community Access Television. Charter Channel 192 (formerly Charter Channel 12) for Grafton Government Television, and Charter Channel 194 (formerly Charter Channel 13) for Grafton Education Television. Grafton Community Television on the Verizon Cable network will continue to be broadcast at its existing channel numbers,Verizon Channel 34 (Community Access) Verizon Channel 33 ( Government Access) and Verizon Channel 32 (Education Access). For more information about our new channel numbers, please visit our Press Releases page.


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