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Welcome to Grafton Community Television
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Studio Hours: Mon - Thurs 10AM-10PM & Fri 10AM-6PM - Closed 1PM-2PM
296 Providence Road, South Grafton, Massachusetts 01560
GCTV@GraftonTV.org - (508) 839-2983

Welcome to GraftonTV.org, the web home for Grafton Community Television, providing Public, Government and Education Access Television for Grafton, MA!

Grafton Community Television, Public Access, can be seen on Charter Communications Cable Channel 191 and on Verizon Cable Channel 34, Grafton Government Television, Government Access, can be seen on Charter Communications Cable Channel 192 and on Verizon Cable Channel 33, and Grafton Education Television, Education Access, can be seen on Charter Communications Cable Channel 194 and on Verizon Cable Channel 32. Please visit our Program Descriptions page to find out more about our Public Access programs, or visit our Program Schedules page to find out when a specific program is playing on any of the 3 Access Channels.

Click the links above to check out our Real-Time Live Streaming or Video On Demand for Grafton Community Television!



Santa Makes Annual Visit To Grafton Community Television

For the second year in a row, Grafton Community Television received a special visit from Santa Claus. Relaxing in his casual clothes before his big travel night, Santa visited the GCTV studios to tape several messages for Grafton residents. Knowing how busy the staff has been this year covering all sorts of town committee meetings for rebroadcast on Charter Channel 192 / Verizon Channel 33,Santa brought something new - "Santa's Magic Stick," and demonstrated it by graciously agreeing to decorate the studio's Christmas Tree. Santa's messages to Grafton will be playing on Grafton Community Television's Charter Channel 191 / Verizon Channel 34 every day between now and Christmas eve. You can also find the special greating under the "What's New" playlist on GCTV's Video On Demand player.


Grafton Community Television's Christmas Open House is Sunday, December 7th

Grafton Community Television and Charter Communications welcomes town residents to its Christmas open house featuring special holiday refreshments, and a tour of the town’s cable public access TV facilities on Sunday afternoon, December 7th from 1:00 PM until 4:00 PM. This event takes place at the Grafton Community Television studios located at 296 Providence Road in South Grafton. For more information, check out our Press Releases page.



Share Your Thanksgiving Photos With Grafton Community Television

How will you celebrate Thanksgiving Day here in Grafton? Grafton Community Television wants you to invite us into your home by sending us digital photos of your Thanksgiving activities. Photos sent to GCTV will be featured in a series of 30 second station ID's throughout the Holiday Season. Send your digital photo by email to the GCTV staff at gctv11@gmail.com by December 1st. For more information, check out our Press Releases page.


Grafton - Tell Us What You Think About Grafton Community Television!

Grafton Community Television invites you to take an on-line survey to help us find out what you think of our local television programs.The Grafton Cable Television Oversight Committee and the GCTV staff have compiled an easy to fill out electronic survey that will tell us about your television viewing habits, and specifically how often you watch the three channels provided by Grafton Community Television.The survey instrument, which will be available until December 5th, takes about one minute to fill out and is completely anonymous..Please look for the survey on line at http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/1766736/GCTV-Survey, or click the photo above.


Fall Town Meeting To Be Rebroadcast On Grafton Community Television

Grafton Community Television will show a rebroadcast of the August 20th Fall Town Meeting .The Town Meeting, recorded by GCTV Public Access Producers Bill Robidoux and Richard Schultze, will be broadcast on GCTV's Government access channel Charter Channel 192 / Verizon Channel 33 on Tuesdays at 12:30 PM, Thursdays at 11:00AM, Fridays at 11:30 AM and Sundays at 8:00 AM.The meeting will also be available on GCTV's Video on Demand. For more broadcast times, please visit our Program Schedules page.



Grafton Community Television on Charter Cable Debuts New Channel Numbers on October 15th

Grafton Community Television's three TV channels debut new identification numbers starting on October 15th. Charter Communications conversion to an all digital format overnight on October 14th-15th will find Charter Channels 11, 12 and 13 no longer carrying your familiar programs from Grafton Community Television. The new GCTV channels will be: Charter Channel 191 (formerly Charter Channel 11) for Grafton Community Access Television. Charter Channel 192 (formerly Charter Channel 12) for Grafton Government Television, and Charter Channel 194 (formerly Charter Channel 13) for Grafton Education Television. Grafton Community Television on the Verizon Cable network will continue to be broadcast at its existing channel numbers,Verizon Channel 34 (Community Access) Verizon Channel 33 ( Government Access) and Verizon Channel 32 (Education Access). For more information about our new channel numbers, please visit our Press Releases page.


Board of Health, Conservation Commission Meetings Now Shown On Grafton Community Television

Grafton Community Television's Government Channel (Charter Channel 192 / Verizon Channel 33) has begun
showing taped broadcasts of the Town's Board of Health and Conservation Commission meetings.
For broadcast times, check out our Program Schedules Page



 "Grafton Minute By Minute" Begins Second Year of Broadcasts

The August edition of "Grafton Minute By Minute" begins the second season for this monthly half hour program showcasing events held throughout the community.
The show is hosted by GCTV Lead Access Assistant Bob DeToma and features video footage by Access Assistants Rick Schultze and Bill Robidoux.According to host Bob DeToma, "All of us involved with Grafton Minute by Minute have enjoyed working on this project. We're happy to cover as many different events as time permits, and we enjoy being greeted warmly by the towns citizens. For show times, check out our Program Schedules Page.


More GCTV Events...

Check back often for recaps and pictures from all the events and happenings at GCTV! Here are links to more of our past events:

2010/2011 New Year's Eve Extravaganza- 12/31/10-1/1/11