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Welcome to Grafton Community Television
Bulletin Board Information

Studio Hours: Mon - Thurs 10AM-10PM & Fri 10AM-6PM - Closed 1PM-2PM
296 Providence Road, South Grafton, Massachusetts 01560
GCTV@GraftonTV.org - (508) 839-2983

GCTV Community Televison Bulletin Board

GGTV Government Television Bulletin Board

GETV Education Television Bulletin Board

GCTV welcomes submittals for Bulletins to be posted on Channel 11. Postings are made on a space available basis and at the discretion of the Cable Access Coordinator. GCTV reserves the right to edit Bulletins to accommodate space requirements and compliance to local access requirements.

To keep within the spirit of Public Access, please recognize that we can only post Bulletins that are non-profit, non-commercial and specific to promoting local causes, organizations and events.

To submit a posting to the GCTV Bulletin Board, click here to print a form or email your posting directly to GCTV at CommunityBulletinBoard@GraftonTV.org.

The completed forms can be dropped off or mailed to the local access coordinator at the address provided (both on the form and above in the header of this site).