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GCTV Events: 2008 GCTV Kids Summer Video Class, Session 1, July 14th - 18th, 2008

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GCTV Events: 2008 GCTV Kids Summer Video Class, Session 1, July 14th - 18th, 2008

In the Summer of 2008, in conjunction with the Grafton Recreation Department, GCTV once again ran it's Kids Summer Video Class- this year 2 sessions were held. The Kids learned how to operate studio cameras, direct, run the audio board and the graphics system, and then got together to write, shoot, and edit their own TV program, which was later shown on GCTV-11. Following are some pictures taken from Session 1 of the program, which was held during the week of 7/14 - 7/18/08.

Austin O'Connor runs camera for a skit.


Alex Van Roon takes a turn in the director's seat.


Aaron Bissell prepares to work the audio board during a skit.


Nick Aberg makes sure his tripod locks are loose before shooting.


Colin White, dressed as an old woman for "The Braces Olympics" skit.


Patrick McManamon runs camera while Colin White waits for his cue during the scene.


Lenell Wyman, Molly Wyman, Jennifer Lannon and Jacob Coz perform during the skit "The Braces Olympics".


Nick Aberg looks on from the graphics station while Michael Cozzolino directs a skit and Austin O'Connor runs the audio board.


Colin White, Austin O'Connor and Michael Cozzolino are "The 3 Stooges".


Molly Wyman looks on as Alex Van Roon, Patrick McManamon and Nick Aberg act as crew for a skit.


Jennifer Lannon runs camera during a scene.


Jacob Coz takes a turn at directing


Michael Cozzolino and Lenell Wyman watch as GCTV Public Access Coordinator Danielle DeLucia shows Austin O'Connor how to run the studio switcher when directing.


Alex Van Roon and Patrick McManamon act in the skit "The Ex-Terminator" while other class member watch the performance.


The entire 2008 GCTV Kids Video Class, Session 1. Back row, from left: Aaron Bissell, Nick Aberg, Jacob Coz, Patrick McManamon, Lenell Wyman and Jennifer Lannon. Front row, from left: Alex Van Roon, Austin O'Connor, Michael Cozzolino, Molly Wyman and Colin White.


The entire class looks on and advises as Grafton Public Access Coordinator Danielle DeLucia edits their program segments together into one cohesive show.