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GCTV Education Opportunities

Have you ever wanted to be the star of your own TV show or learn more about how Television is made? Or, are you already a certified GCTV producer who wants to learn more about a specific facet of Television Production that interests you? Well, GCTV is here to help with a variety of education opportunities for the residents of Grafton. And best of all, every GCTV class is offered FREE OF CHARGE!

The GCTV Television Production Course: An Introduction to Television Production

The GCTV Television Production Course is an 8 week workshop that teaches you all the basics of Television Production. Completion of the course certifies you as a GCTV Producer, enabling you to produce your own television shows on Grafton Community Television, Channel 11, as well as use of our editing, studio, and field production equipment to assist you in your productions. Some aspects of the course that will be taught are Studio Camera Operation, Audio, Lighting, Editing, Directing, and Field Camera Operation. This course is open to all Grafton Residents, Town of Grafton Employees and Grafton Business Owners, age 18 or over, regardless of whether or not they are cable subscribers. To see the GCTV Television Production Course Outline and Class Requirements, please click here.

In addition, Grafton Residents ages 12 – 17 may also take the GCTV Television Production Course if they have met the requirements set by Grafton’s Cable Television Oversight Committee. For a full explanation of the GCTOC’s Under 18 Access Policy, click here.

For additional information about the GCTV Television Production Course, to find out when the next class is starting, or to sign up for the class, please contact the Grafton Public Access Coordinator by email at GCTV@GraftonTV.org or by calling 508-839-2983.

Advanced Training Workshops for Certified GCTV Producers

Once you have completed the basic GCTV Television Production Course, you may find that you want to learn more about one of GCTV’s editing systems, directing, our graphics system, or a new piece of equipment or software that was not at GCTV when you took the GCTV Television Production Course. Please consider signing up for a GCTV Advanced Training Workshop- a one time, 2 hour session for individuals or small groups on a specific subject. These workshops can be scheduled for individual students anytime during GCTV’s normal operating hours, with an instructor of your choosing, and in addition, may be offered to small groups (no more than 5 participants) several times throughout the year on specific dates and times. For a list of possible Advanced Training Workshop offerings, please click here.

For additional information about GCTV Advanced Training Workshops, to sign up for a scheduled group workshop, or to schedule a private group or individual workshop, please contact the Grafton Public Access Coordinator by email at GCTV@GraftonTV.org or by calling 508-839-2983.