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Welcome to Grafton Community Television
Meet the GCTV Staff!

Studio Hours: Mon - Thurs 10AM-10PM & Fri 10AM-6PM - Closed 1PM-2PM
296 Providence Road, South Grafton, Massachusetts 01560
GCTV@GraftonTV.org - (508) 839-2983

Meet the GCTV Staff!

The staff of Grafton Community Television. From left to right: Bill Robidoux, Bob DeToma, Kris McMullin, and Rick Schultze.

Kris McMullin, Grafton Public Access Coordinator

Kris McMullin began his career in Public Access as a producer for Northbridge Community Television in Northbridge, MA in the Summer of 2005. He produced a news program for NCTV-11 called 11 News Northbridge. Kris soon assumed the role of Northbridge Access Assistant for Charter Communications, and during that time, he won his first New England Cable Television Award for an interview series entitled "Conversations". In addition to working at the Northbridge studio, Kris also spent a lot of time working for Charter TV3 in Worcester as a Production Assistant for News and Sports, in addition to many other productions. In January 2010, Kris was promoted to the position of Grafton Public Access Coordinator at Grafton Community Television.

As the Grafton Public Access Coordinator, Kris handles the daily operations of the 3 Grafton Access Television Channels (Public, Government and Education), including overseeing the scheduling of the 3 channels and updating of the bulletin boards, managing the Access TV Studio, training new GCTV producers, assisting current GCTV producers with all facets of Television Production, supervising and scheduling the Grafton Access Assistants, assisting the Grafton Cable Television Oversight Committee with equipment purchases, and implementing and enforcing the Grafton Access Television policies and procedures adopted by the GCTOC. If you would like to contact Kris, please call the GCTV Studio at 508-839-2983 or email him at GCTV@GraftonTV.org.


Bob DeToma, Grafton Lead Public Access Assistant

Bob is the newest addition to the GCTV Staff, having been hired as the Town of Grafton's Lead Access Assistant in June 2013. Bob started out as a radio announcer and disc jockey at Milford's WMRC Radio 1490 AM during the late 70's. He brings 30 plus years of media management and leadership experience to his new position. If his working career was a TV Show it would probably be titled "Lost in Space"...searching for the perfect job. Bob is lost no more, and has finally found a home working behind the scenes, and in front of the camera at Grafton Community Television.

Bob started out as a GCTV Certified Producer, and received a 2010 New England Cable and Television Award for his Day Trip to History program. In addition he has produced Model Citizens, and has been active behind the scenes of past 2 Guys That Like To Talk shows, and New Years Eve Specials.

As a GCTV Lead Access Assistant, Bob is the liason with Charter Studio Director Kris McMullin. In addition, Bob works closely with Bill Robidoux and Rick Schultze, sets up their outside and in-house shooting schedules, searches for and creates new content, schedules all programming for channels 191 and 34, works closely with the Town Administrator and his Staff to ensure coverage of important town events, assists with encoding programs for the GCTV Video Server, assists GCTV Producers with all facets of television production, and covers the GCTV Studio during normal business hours. If you would like to contact Bob, please call the GCTV Studio at 508-839-2983, or email him at detomab@GraftonTV.org


Bill Robidoux, Grafton Access Assistant

Bill has served the Town of Grafton as an Access Assistant since February of 2005, though he has been a fixture at GCTV since becoming a producer in 1996. Bill's first foray into television at GCTV was his series GenX, a talk show featuring topics of interest for the 20 something crowd. Soon, Bill began to broaden his horizons and released a short dramatic film about suicide called "The Offta Dimension". When Rick Schultze became a producer at GCTV, the pair became friends, eventually directing and guest starring on episodes of each other's talk shows. Rick's guest appearance on an episode of The All New GenX in the summer of 2000 led the pair to create the series Grafton has grown to love over it's 200 plus episode run, 2 Guys Who Like To Talk, which is just what is claims to be: 2 guys, all talk, all night. The "guys" have talked with presidential candidates, local politicians, local business owners, and local personalities, all while making sure to get their own 2 cents in! Later, the pair collaborated a second time on the GCTV series Backpacking Today, which gave viewers tips and tricks for backpacking and advice on what equipment to buy. Bill eventually branched off on his own again to create the GCTV series Backpacker's Journal, which chronicles his solo and sometimes accompanied backpacking trips to the White Mountains. Bill has also been instrumental in helping to produce all 10 GCTV New Year's Eve Extravaganzas, 3 1/2 hour variety shows held annually since 1998.

As a GCTV Access Assistant, Bill broadcasts Government Channel live and taped meetings, schedules the channel and updates the bulletin board for Channel 194, Grafton Education Television, assists GCTV Producers with many facets of Television Production, and mans the GCTV Studio during the evenings. If you would like to get in touch with Bill, please call the GCTV Studio at 508-839-2983 or email him at RobidouxB@GraftonTV.org.


Rick Schultze, Grafton Access Assistant

Rick has been employed as an Access Assistant for the Town of Grafton since June of 2005, but has been involved at GCTV for much longer. After completing the GCTV Production course in the Fall of 1997, Rick began production on his 1st GCTV series, Out There, which was an exploration of the paranormal. Rick interviewed witches, members of the Mutual UFO Network, psychics, and ghost tour operators in his quest to find out what was really "out there". Next, after a guest co-hosting spot on Bill Robidoux's The All New Gen X culminated with a closing quote of, "Hey- thanks for watching. We're 2 Guys who just like to talk. Have a good night," came the ever-popular GCTV series 2 Guys Who Like To Talk. The show's concept was simple- go live every other Wednesday night at 8 pm and take calls- no preset topics, no gimmicks, no kidding! The show celebrated it's 200th episode on February 18th, 2009 and continues to keep viewers coming back for more. In addition, Rick collaborated with Bill on Backpacking Today, and has also explored other solo shows including the popular Paintball Frenzy, which gave viewers information on the game of Paintball, and tips on how to play and what equipment to buy. In January of 2007, Rick, along with friends from the paintball field Bob DeToma and Pete Millon, began hosting another live GCTV series called Ask The Geezers. The show, which is broadcast live every other Thursday night at 8 pm, and whose tag line tells us that though it may not be right, you will get an answer, brings viewers the off-beat comedic conversations of the Geezers, live call ins, Bob's This Day in History segment, funny pictures, viewer emails and much more. And like his counterpart, Rick has also been instrumental in bringing the viewers of Grafton all 10 of the GCTV New Year's Eve Extravaganza since 1998.

As a GCTV Access Assistant, Rick covers Government Channel live and taped meetings, schedules the channel and updates the bulletin board for Channel 192, Grafton Government Television, assists GCTV Producers with their field and studio productions, and covers the GCTV Studio during the mornings and evenings. If you would like to speak to Rick, please call the GCTV Studio at 508-839-2983 or email him at SchultzeR@GraftonTV.org.